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The International Nickel Study Group publishes data on nickel markets on a monthly basis and also a directory of nickel producion facilites every year. Additionally, reports are made to fulfill specific needs to better understand the nickel world.

The table below lists all the publications available. You may find more details and information on how to order in this order form.

DescriptionPrice MemberPrice Non Member 
World Nickel Statistics (12 Monthly Bulletins + 1 Yearbook) & World Directory30005000
World Nickel Statistics (12 Monthly Bulletins + 1 Yearbook)20003000brochure
Monthly Bulletin - single issue
Yearbook - single issue
World Directory of Nickel Production Facilities 201720003000brochure
NEW: World Nickel-based Alloys 201620003000brochure
NEW: Nickel Production in South East Asia: Trends and Perspectives 201610001500brochure
Nickel in Batteries 2015125250brochure
Primary Nickel Usage: New Frontiers in China 201510001500brochure
China's Nickel Mine and Refined Nickel Production 201410001500brochure
Nickel – A Surface Technology Material - 201420003000brochure
Nickel Ore Market of Southeast Asia 2013500750brochure
Nickel Pig Iron Study 201215002250brochure
Nickel Pig Iron Study 2012 (with statistical attachments)20003000
Market for Nickel: Fundamentals Driving Change 2012125250brochure
China Primary Nickel Stocks Report 2011150225brochure
Nickel Heap Leaching Study 2010150225brochure
Nickel in Batteries 200950100brochure
NEW: Social Acceptance of Mining 2016500750brochure
NEW: Study of By-Products of Lead, Zinc, Copper and Nickel and Directory 201510001500brochure
Cobalt as a By-Product of Copper and Nickel 201410002000brochure
Report on Taxation and Fiscal Incentives 2014500750brochure
Report on Risk Factors 2014500750brochure
Joint Survey on Non Ferrous Metal Scrap and Refined Inputs of Chinese Copperand Copper Alloy Semis Manufacturing Plants 2012400600brochure
Joint Report on By-Product Metals of Copper, Lead, Zinc & Nickel10001500brochure
By-Product Metals. Separate reports on for Bismuth, Germanium, Indium,Cobalt, Platinum Group Metals, Scandium, Molybdenum, Rhenium, Selenium,Tellurium and Rare Earth Metals150300brochure
Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Regulations Relating to Nickel 2011GratisGratisbrochure

* Member Countries: Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Russian Federation, Sweden, United Kingdom.

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